Highschool of the Dead Returns Spring 2013


After a long 2 year hiatus, Highschool of the Dead will be returning this Spring, 2013. Fans of the series never gave up hope, and it looks like that hope will finally pay off this year! The return is revealed by these photos of the new publications for the manga’s fifth and sixth volumes which will be in full color. The wrap around band on the manga publications states that it will be returning soon. Another photo shows a full page advertisement saying that the manga is returning Spring 2013. Although currently no return date has been specified, we will keep you informed as new information on the series is revealed. Stay tuned, with the return of the manga, Highschool of the Dead Season 2 of the anime series looks like it may finally return in 2013 as well!

Check out these images of Highschool of the Dead Manga volumes 5 & 6:

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  1. STRIFE says:

    Looks like all hope is lost for HOTD season 2.that is one of my fave animes.which do the people like the most HOTD or Triage X.

    • Nemesis says:

      All hope is not lost, but it does look bleak in the near term.

      Daisuke Sato wrote the story and OWNS HOTD. He is infamous in regards to not finishing what he starts. He has many unfished literary works. He stopped writing HOTD several times, the last time was because he had heart trouble and ended up in the hospital. He was interviewed and said he would start writing again and that is when Act 30 came out. No one has said why it stopped again right after that. Its possible that Daisuke did write more story but its on hold now because of Shouji Sato and Triage X (this is just a guess, the rest are facts).

      Shouji Sato is the illustrator of the HOTD manga. He usually gets all the credit by the fans because he drew the pictures the anime is based on but he does not control HOTD. When Daisuke Sato stopped writing the first time Shouji Sato, Fujimishobo (manga publisher) and Madhouse (anime studio) all thought Daisuke would start writing again so they waited. Madhouse even released the OVA as a teaser for season 2 and they sent a few representatives to the US to promote HOTD.

      Daisuke stalled for so long that Shouji started his own manga Triage X. Its only purpose was to give something Shouji could get paid for and fill the hole in Fujimishobo’s Dragon Age that HOTD left. It was only intended to be temporary while Diasuke got his act together. Then Shouji would switch back to HOTD or try and do both at the same time. Shouji also has another digital manga called Fire Fire Fire – Black Sword that he is currently working on.

      HOTD has been on hold for so long now that there are more chapter of Triage X than HOTD. Enough to actually make two 12 episode seasons of a triage X anime. If the Triage X anime turns out to be popular you can kiss HOTD goodbye for even longer.

      Where some of the hope comes in is that Shouji has been looking for an illustrator to help with Triage X for quite a while now. If Shouji were to get some help maybe he and his help could get to work on HOTD (That is of course, only if Daisuke has written more HOTD story) ~zn

  2. I heard it was coming next year or in 2016

    • Rei says:

      Only fools believe anyone who says “I heard”, I read, someone told me, then goes on to spew broad date ranges but doesn’t give any sources. Don’t spew B.S. YOU MUST POST THE SOURCE.

      No one officially associated with HOTD has said anything about season 2 in years. And I really do mean no one. Any thinking person knows that once season 2 is financed (green lit) it will be announced, it won’t be kept a secret. Season 1 was announced 5 months before it was released in Japan. Triage X was announced a few weeks ago, lets see how long it takes to actually come out in Japan.

  3. Nemesis says:

    HOTD is dead, a Triage X anime was just announced. Looks like Shouji Sato will be working hard on Triage X, not o HOTD. Hard to see him doing HOTD anytime soon.

    Its ironic that Shouji Sato had to start Triage X to fill the hole HOTD left when Daisuke Sato stopped writing. The people involved in HOTD felt Daisuke would start writing again, and they were waiting for him, but he has proven to be so unreliable that the temporary Triage X has now surpassed the total manga produced. With actually enough manga for two 12 episode anime seasons. If the anime is at all popular we can kiss HOTD goodbye.

  4. CptRed23 says:

    Yea I love This Show finished Season 1 I have been hearing it may be coming out this january any news on that ??? !

    • Nemesis says:

      Yea, the news on that is its BS. No one is working on season 2 of HOTD. If you had actually heard that from a reliable source you would post your source. Without a source its just more BS rumors.

  5. marzia3453 says:

    It’s 2014 and there is still no season 2!I watch animes with subtitles cause i hate watching them in English and I can’t even find it subbed!

    • Aisika says:

      forget 2014 ITS ALMOST FREAKING 2015!!!

    • Zevarix876 says:

      finally! Someone who loves non dubbed anime!

    • Nemesis says:

      If you live in the US or one of many other countries where HOTD is available on Bluray or DVD, just buy it instead of watching it on an illegal streaming sites. All the bluray and dvd releases have the original Japanese dialog with subtitles as an option.

      Don’t hold your breath for a second season, no word from Daisuke since Act 30 of the manga and all the current rumors point to Triage X getting picked up for an anime. If that happens don’t expect Shouji to push Triage X aside for HOTD any time soon.

      Shouji started Triage X to fill the gap while Diasuke made up his mind wether to continue the HOTD story or not. Shouji had planned to go back to HOTD once Daisuke wrote more story but now that Triage X has way more chapters than HOTD, its not looking so good for HOTD anymore.

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